Diopsys Nova

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We understand that not all eye care practices are the same. Therefore, we provide three unique platforms for our advanced suite of visual electrophysiology modules.

The Diopsys® NOVA™ (cart), Diopsys® ARGOS™ (tabletop), and the NEW Diopsys® RETINA PLUS™ (carry case) ERG and VEP Vision Testing Systems allow you to perform multiple visual electrophysiology tests right in your clinical practice.

Customize your chosen platform with one or all of our advanced visual electrophysiology modules (click on each to learn more):

Diopsys® ffERG (full field electroretinography)

-Protocols for objectively evaluating cone and ganglion cell function.

Diopsys® mfERG (multifocal electroretinography)

-Protocols for objectively evaluating localized retinal function.

Diopsys® PERG (pattern electroretinography)

-Protocols for objectively evaluating ganglion cell function.

Diopsys® VEP (visual evoked potential)

-Protocols for objectively evaluating the function of the entire visual pathway.

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