Lumenis SLT

Lumenis SLT - SL990 - Type 3X

Lumenis prides itself as the company with the most robust clinical data on SLT, the largest global installed-base of SLT products, the widest range of added-value products & services to maximize SLT potential in your practice – including robust patient education collateral & multimedia – and much more!

When you buy an SLT product from Lumenis, you gain immediate access to the largest network of SLT users worldwide, receive product upgrades & updates, advance-notice invitations to SLT symposia & workshops all around the world and a long list of other benefits which are exclusive to Lumenis SLT customers. Furthermore, all Lumenis SLT products were designed to meet the clinically recommended SLT treatment protocol that we have helped to shape. Buying a Lumenis SLT product guarantees your ability to customize treatment on a case-by-case basis and meet SLT treatment protocol requirements.

Customize your chosen platform with one or all of our advanced visual electrophysiology modules (click on each to learn more):

The Clinical Advantages of Lumenis SLT

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is a clinically proven laser treatment to reduce IOP without coagulating the Trabecular Meshwork. SLT represents an evolution over previous laser therapies as it can be safely repeated if needed.

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