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Plan your visit

Overseas patients are advised to send in the details of their eye/medical condition and related reports in advance. This would help plan their visit to Sathyan Eye effectively.

Before Arrival
  • Patients except citizens of Nepal and Bhutan need a medical visa to undergo even a simple health check up or any mode of treatment in India.
  • Upon submitting the referral letter from local ophthalmologist along with soft copies of supporting medical reports, the hospital will send a Visa Invitation letter (for both the patient and attendant) to the embassy.
  • The patient should compulsorily be accompanied by an attendant for any procedure to be done.
  • Remember to bring all important documents including Visas, immunization records, and medical records. Please refer “Documents Required” section given on top.
  • Please refer Guidelines to Visitors which helps you plan your visit.
  • The hospital can facilitate room arrangements if the patient prefers to stay at a hotel during treatment.



At Sathyan Eye

  • Hospital staff can help you book your local tickets once you arrive and make necessary travel arrangements. Local travel arrangements can also be made.
  • On arrival at Sathyan Eye, patients are required to show their passport at the registration counter to fulfil the registration formalities. The hospital will keep a copy of it for record.
  • If the doctor advises surgery or treatment, the patient has to get admitted and should pay full amount at the time of admission.
  • The hospital needs to register the arrival details of patients and attendants at the Bureau of Immigration website by filling up the Form C within 24 hours of their arrival. Depending on the period of stay, it may be necessary to obtain a Residential Permit from the local Police. The In Patient Services Manager can be contacted for assistance.
  • Translators who can effectively speak Arabic/English will be provided if the patient experiences language difficulty during consultation with doctor.
  • All foreign currencies can be exchanged to local currency as per the existing exchange rate.
How Sathyan Eye cares for you?
  • A nurse will assist the patient and the attendant while consulting the doctor and undergoing necessary tests/procedures.
  • Patients requiring surgery or monitoring will be asked to get admitted to the hospital. One attendant is allowed to stay along with the patient.
  • Sathyan Eye offers different types of accommodation facilities. Please visit What to Expect at Sathyan Eye? to know more about these facilities and support services.
  • The hospital will assist in arranging accommodation outside post discharge.
  • Patients are advised to inform the ward in-charge in case they need to go out. For safety reasons, patients after admission are recommended not to leave the hospital premises.

Documents required

  • Copies/originals of all medical reports, medication details and referral notes from your doctor (Mandatory)
  • Soft copies of any scans like X-Ray, MRIs, prescriptions, and relevant medical documents including those of previous surgeries. Keep these medical reports and associated medication always handy.
  • Before leaving your country, make sure you obtain fitness certificate from your doctor and information on the precautions and vaccinations needed for travel to India
  • Passports and Visas are a must (depending on the country you are travelling from).  It is advisable to carry additional copies of your visa/passport/residential permit.
  • Bring along local currency, travellers’ cheques, and/or credit and debit cards.  The hospital accepts Credit Card payment and foreign currencies.
  • Bring along your driver’s license or any other forms of identification, even if you may not plan on using them. The additional identification ensures your proof of identity when requested.

In case of any specific inquiries or if you require further assistance with organising documents or travel plans, please write to us on this form.


  • Foreign patients can refer to India’s Bureau of Immigration website http://boi.gov.in/content/registration-requirements-foreign-national to learn more about Visa requirements and regulations to travel to India.
  • Note: Patients from Pakistan and Bangladesh are required to register with the nearest Police Station/Commissioner’s Office within 24 hours of arrival. Visa and Transit documents and instructions are further provided by our Inpatient Service Manager.