EIDON is the first system to combine the advantages of SLO with the fidelity of true color imaging, setting new performance standards in retinal imaging. EIDON provides unsurpassed image quality, 60° field in a single exposure, a unique, live, confocal view of the retina, three different imaging modalities and dilation-free operation, all integrated in a versatile system that provides new opportunities in retinal diagnostics.

The device is operated via a tablet with a multi-touch, high resolution, color display; it works with a dedicated software application and operates as a standalone unit. A joystick is provided when manual operation of the device is desired.


-True color, Red Free and infrared confocal images

-Super-high resolution and contrast

-Capability to image through cataract and media opacities

- Dilation-free operation (minimum pupil 2.5 mm)

-Wide Field imaging (60° in single exposure and up to 150° with Mosaic function)

- Optimal exposure of the optic disc

- Exam time less than 1’ per eye (single field)

- From Fully automated to Fully manual mode

- User friendly software interface

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