Compact Touch B-Scan

QUANTEL MEDICAL Compact Touch B-Scan

The COMPACT TOUCH combines the best image and measurement performance in its category with outstanding ergonomics. A possible 3 in 1 unit, It can meet just about all your Ultrasound needs:

Instantaneous Localization

• Image of the globe and orbit (10 MHz B-scan)

• Optional biometry

• Optional pachymetry

COMPACT TOUCH is a hugely successful product due to its exceptional image quality, its compact, lightweight ergonomics, and intuitive use.

• No PC required

• Touch-screen

• Carrying case included

• Compact and portable: 4.2 kg (9.4 lbs.)

• Data transfer: 2 USB ports, 1 ethernet port and connection to medical servers via EMR

The intuitive interface and touch-screen combined with compact size and high-level performance make this the benchmark product in terms of profitability and reliability.

High-quality b-scan images supporting your diagnosis

COMPACT TOUCH includes all the latest QUANTEL MEDICAL innovations in the field of ophthalmic imaging.

• Cineloop: automatic memorization of video examination sequences

• Automatic adjustment of the gain on frozen images

• Post-processing tools: calipers, surface, angle, image tags and comments

• Intuitive software, large patient data storage capacity (80 Go) With COMPACT TOUCH you achieve unrivalled performance in terms of diagnosis and measurement:

• General examination of the globe and orbit

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