Community Out-Reach Vehicle

Comprehensive health check up:

An ophthalmic stall is installed in any general health camp and screening for eye diseases is conducted. School screening camp is conducted every year and children with refractive error or any childhood ailment like squint or amblyopia is referred to base hospital for further investigation and treatment. The teacher and parent education programme is also conducted at the school to bring awareness on eye health and common eye problems

Diabetic retinopathy screening camps, glaucoma family screening camp, glaucoma patient education programme are conducted at the hospital itself on specific dates and prior notification to patients

Work place camp is conducted in banks, industries, airports, insurance offices, retired and senior citizen living areas . These camps are customised either as comprehensive eye camps or work place camps involving issue of fitness certificate

All these camps have the involvement of camp organisers, project managers, outreach coordinators, social workers, counsellors, ophthalmic assistants engaged in outreach/marketing of eye care services and have working knowledge in local language and Basic English. They help us participate in all steps of preparation and actual organisation of an eye camp along with after camp review with recall and follow up.

The bigger thought process went in setting of the vision chart in the vehicle used by the hospital. It has a self test vision chart with instructions and has helped many passer by people to self asses themselves

• Partnerships: We build coalitions and partnerships to mobilise action and generate change at a national and local level; and

• Knowledge: We provide authoritative data and information on eye health enabling the sharing of knowledge and experience to promote the development of good policy and practice.

Community Out-Reach Programme
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